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At the Dream Academy, our teaching philosophy is oriented around what will help you succeed in the real world, making our classes unique from those you may take in any sort of traditional academic environment. We believe that you can be book smart, head smart, and even exceptionally talented, yet without creativity and positivity at work in your life, you might never reach your full potential. The emphasis on cultivating a winning mentality and developing creative thinking exists to challenge you, inspire you, and give you the tools you need to succeed. Classes are taught both in person and using live video.

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Have you ever been inspired but didn’t know how to put your inspiration into practice? Our classes will cultivate your growth as an individual, and take the inspiration you receive to harness it into direct results. The classes at the Dream Academy are taught by a variety of experienced leaders, who all share a common thread; they have each successfully launched their own dream.  Below are the Dream Academy classes: 

In this course you will hear from wide-versed theologians and pastors as they take you into a deeper understanding of your spiritual walk.

In this course you will hear from wide-versed theologians and pastors as they take you into a deeper understanding of your spiritual walk.

Want to know what separates the dreamers from the doers? This class will give you practical skills to help make your dream a reality. Whether you desire to start a business, non-profit organization, or even a church, it is important for you to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. In this class we will cover topics such as; communication, sales, marketing, online advertising, systems creation, personal finance, budgeting, project management and more.  

In an ever-changing technological world it is vital that you learn how to communicate your message using a variety of mediums. In this course you will learn a skill that will help you take an abstract concept and make it concrete so that you can share it with the world. You will emerge having created your own website, blog, logo, GIF animation, as well as a Branding Identity Package to promote your business, idea, or personal brand.

Go live with Dream Academy founder, Greg Baca in a forum that will interview leaders, hold Q & A, host group discussions with students and discuss current events.

Put to practice what you are learning in class. The Dream Academy community will be there to support you, give positive feedback on your class projects and help refine the talents within you.


The goal of this class is to move you from striving to thriving. Anybody can learn skills that will produce short term success, but it takes intentionality to develop your heart and soul in a way that can sustain the success you experience. This class is taught by local Tulsa Pastors and Christian Counselors Brent & Janis Sharpe. The Sharpes have counseled countless leaders through many crises to see them restored again. In this class you will learn to avoid the common pitfalls that many leaders find themselves in and learn healthy practices that will keep you grounded.

There are two ways to live life: A life by “default” in which you simply accept all that comes your way and hope for the best or a life by design, in which you imagine the life you want to live and then create that life. The Life By Design classes are taught in series format, and designed to help you develop confidence, creative thinking, and a healthy mentality - the bedrocks of a life by design. Below are some of the series covered in the class:




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I have graduated from Bible school and from college as well. However, nothing equipped me to reach my dreams and made me feel as prepared to face life’s challenges as this program did. It changed me for the better and I can’t recommend it enough.
— Liselotte Ballesteros