The truth is, it is not rare to have a dream but to actually live your dream is. Most of us have this grand picture written on our hearts about how life should be or how it could be, but when it comes to living this picture out we often feel stuck. Many people simply do not know how to connect the dots between what they see inside their hearts and what actually is, so they often end up frustrated and disillusioned. We believe that your dreams are not just warm-fuzzy thoughts to distract you from mundane living, but rather they are the seeds of your future. The Dream Academy exists to help dreamers learn how to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. 

In this three month program, you will join with other like-minded dreamers and participate in a variety of classes designed to draw out the dreams inside of your heart.  Our curriculum tackles more than just the how to’s of launching your dream, but focuses on the four core areas that every person must develop if they desire to see their dream realized;


It’s these four pillars which are woven throughout the entire curriculum of the Dream Academy. While each of these are valuable on their own, when combined, they will give you the power to make your dream a reality. Maybe you hope to launch a business, start a church, open a studio or to simply raise a great family. Perhaps you’re seeking direction and your dream is to have a dream.  Regardless of where you find yourself in life, we believe that your dream matters and it's our passion to help you create the life you imagine. 


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Live your dreams...


Most of our lives we are told to, “Grow up. Quit dreaming. Pull your head out of the clouds and get a grip.”  We are taught to avoid the pain of disappointment, to play it safe and not to aspire for greatness. 

But what if what we’ve been told is wrong? 

What if it is possible to live your dream? Imagine if you could discover your passion, learn how to walk it out, and use it to make a difference in the world.

Welcome to the Dream Academy, a three month program based in Tulsa, Oklahoma which combines inspirational teaching with practical training to help you create the life you imagine.



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I have graduated from Bible school and from college as well. However, nothing equipped me to reach my dreams and made me feel as prepared to face life’s challenges as this program did. It changed me for the better and I can’t recommend it enough.
— Liselotte Ballesteros